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CreativeMarket - Photoshop Creator's Bundle 7 in 1 5333904

25-01-2021, 23:42. Author: jezla
CreativeMarket - Photoshop Creator's Bundle  7 in 1 5333904

CreativeMarket - Photoshop Creator's Bundle 7 in 1 5333904

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Perfect chance to get 7 Photoshop Creators in one bundle! You'll get a wide range to stylize your photos and images at the easiest way just for a few minutes. Watercolor / Sketch / Engrave / Halftone / Art Poster / Wet Plate or Lomography film photo - you can choose any of them! Christmas is soon and this is a perfect chance to grab so many useful products. Make you feel like a talented professional illustrator or just spent your time with fun!
·1. Watercolor Creator (1st & 2nd Editions)  Easy way to create your own watercolor illustration without any brushes or actions. (Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher (CS6 / CC))
·2. VVDS Sketch Creator 4021313
 A simple to use with awesome realistic urban sketch result! Awesome product for Architectural and Interior Design projects! A raw fast sketch with watercolor shades give you fantastic result! (Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher)
·VVDS Art Poster Creator 4528869
·With The Art Poster Creator you can quickly and easily whip up eye-popping, four-color screen posters. Just add your image via Smart Objects, then pick from a huge collection of well organized graphics from corners to frames to give your work that final touch. From Rock Concert to Dance Party, your work is sure to stun the crowd! (Adobe Photoshop CC)
·Engrave and Halftone Creator 3839390
 The Engraving and Halftone Creator will quickly and easily let you convert your artwork into an engraved image. Using Photoshop's Smart Objects features, you can edit your images with just a few simple clicks. These hi-res files allow you to make use of multiple engraving types and even combine them for a realistic newspaper print effect. (Adobe Photoshop CC)
·Wet Plate Photo Creator (https://crmrkt.com/AD0Db9) Collodion Vintage Photo Creator is photoshop creator which give you the easy way to get 100% authentic and unique Wet Plate Photo image. Just add your image into the smart object layer and get your photo straight from the XIX century. (Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher)
·Master of Lomoography 5171935
 Pre-made PSD file with full of Lomography stuff and a lot of options. Grain, Dust, Light leaks, Color / Exposure / Fade options, Real film borders. All things to get Lomography image easily! (Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher (CS6 / CC) / Affinity Design, Affinity Photo.)




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