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Advanced Iray HDRI Tricks Tutorial

12-03-2020, 02:24. Author: way_vs
Advanced Iray HDRI Tricks Tutorial
Advanced Iray HDRI Tricks Tutorial
Daz/Poser | 3D Models | 115.21 MB

HDRI maps are wonderful lighting and environment tools since they give you both a scenery to play with, all the lighting already pre-made, plus, you save geometry memory and free up lots of rendering speed. However, all those benefits come with a cost: You can't alter the lights/shadows without rotating the scenery, which often creates a mismatch: You're either happy with the lights and shadows, or the background, and very seldom both. Plus, you can't change the intensity of the lighting on your models without at the same time, altering the overall background brightness. In this advanced DAZ Studio Iray HDRI tutorial, you'll learn how to overcome those limitations, and get 100% freedom to get individual background, lighting, AND shadows from the same HDRI map. The best of both worlds!

What's Included and Features
Advanced Iray HDRI Tricks - Tutorial
How to control the intensity of the HDRI maps independently of the lighting they casts your objects and vice versa
How to get individual lighting on your models without changing the background, all from the same HDRI map
How to get individual shadows on the ground, without changing the background
How to do all the 3-effects at the same time (or just one or two)
3 Videos
Downloadable WMV video format
Total Running Time: 41 min 23 sec
Uses additional help from Photoshop CS (These specific tricks can be used in any modern 2D software)

This product includes:
1 General Installer

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