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MRL Raven

3-02-2015, 03:12. Author: way_vs
MRL Raven
MRL Raven
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 53 MB

Raven for V4.2 is a sensuous character with a wild side. She has a wide range of eye colours, make-up and lip colour options in both gloss and velvet shades. Raven also includes 10 facial expressions (including a zero expression), designed to add warmth and sensuality to any render. She includes both Poser and Daz MAT files.

What’s Included:

Raven Head INJ-REM
Raven Body INJ_REM
Nipple INJ-REM
01 Default Body MAT Pose

10 Facial Expression INJ Poses
04 Eye Reflection MAT Poses including 2 soft, 1 strong and 1 no reflection
02 tear options (Poser Only)
09 Eye Colour MAT Poses
10 Glossy lip Mats including natural
10 Velvet lip Mats including natural
10 Make-up MATs including default

62 MAT/Morph Poses in Total including defaults

plus 44 ds files to apply MAT poses in Daz Studio

01 Default Head Map
01 Default Torso Map
01 Default Limbs Map
09 Eye Colour maps
09 Additional Face Maps for Eye make-ups
10 Additional maps for Lips including lip mask
07 Eye Texture maps including cornea trans, lacrimal and reflection maps
01 Lash Trans Maps
01 Teeth Gum Map
06 Bump, and Specular Maps for Face, Torso & Limbs

46 Texture Maps in Total

Matposes and Material Settings are optimized for Poser 6 and higher.

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